“A society grows great when people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Greek philosophers dropped this great seed of wisdom over two thousand years ago. It is just as applicable today, especially in the context of increasing urban development.

Over the years, my active civic engagement has provided me the opportunity to meet many San Leandrans who participate in a myriad of public, private and benevolent works.  Through my weekly attendance of SL Rotary and SL Breakfast Club I’ve sat through many dozens of presentations and although I may have dozed off in a few, the majority of them have left me with the powerful impression that we live in a city with lots of good-hearted people doing important and meaningful work today and for future generations (shade trees).

Many of these groups and organizations have difficulty keeping their message and mission in front of the greater city population.  This lack of “reach” can put their continued work at risk since, in many cases, it’s the larger population that supports them through donations and volunteer participation.

To help in their communication efforts we’ve created a series of community conversations called Talkable San Leandro. We hope that this effort will bring a spotlight to the works and efforts of these people and their organizations. Finally, we encourage San Leandro residents to share links to the videos and podcasts with friends and family to help get the ‘word’ out.

“Citizen” Wayne

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