Many of  you may have recognized our play-on-words talkable and walkable.  But just to make it clear for our readers let me explain.

For those fortunate enough to live in such a city, the term walkable is understood as a familiar and desirable attribute.  These are cities that have fun and useful services such as cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery and bakeries within walking distance of neighborhoods.  Hence, it’s just a short walk to access those services and, just as importantly,  the community that surrounds them.

We’ve taken the “able” found in walkable and likable and reasonable and knowable and commendable and have created “talkable.”  We believe that Talkable is as important as Walkable for any city because without the “talk” the “walk” is much less interesting and enjoyable.

Those who live in San Leandro know what I’m referring to when I say that San Leandran’s  go out of their way to know their neighbors (and their neighbors’ neighbors. ) We are a friendly city that thrives on the “connectedness” of our community.

This ongoing series of interviews is meant to help strengthen the social fabric of our city by giving citizens another way to see and hear people who are making a difference in our community.

Wayne Gregori

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